This is an enhanced archive of from January 14, 2008, shortly before it began operations and the website was taken over by Soteria-Alaska.  I say enhanced because I have added some material.  The website was abandoned when Soteria-Alaska was abandoned.  For more information on Soteria-Alaska's demise, see Lessons from Soteria-Alaska on  The Treatment at Soteria House:  A Manual for the Practice of Interpersonal Phenomenology was reformatted by Keith Aquino in 2021 as part of the International Peer Respite/Soteria Summit.  The original version Alma Menn gave me to scan is also still available.

Jim Gottstein

Soteria-Alaska was established to provide an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization under the principles established by the beloved, late Dr. Loren Mosher in his Soteria-House project for people who want to try something other than psychotropic drugs.  See, Purpose, Vision, Values and Mission Statement.

Motion: To approve the use of $78,000, from the FY06 designated grants fund, to support further development of the Soteria-Alaska program in preparation for a full business plan presentation to the Trust in September 2006.

Soteria-Alaska, Inc., is an Alaska non-profit corporation and received its IRS advance determination letter as a "501(c)(3)" tax exempt organization on March 16, 2005.

Loren Mosher and Luc Ciompi, founder and long-time director of Soteria-Berne published Soteria Critical Elements outline the key aspects of Soteria.

Alma Menn, the original Soteria's Administrator throughout the project has provided a copy of the manual, Treatment at Soteria House:  A Manual for the Practice of Interpersonal Phenomenology (30 Megabytes), that was written in 1992 along with the Soteria Project: Final Progress Report (9.5 Megabytes).  Reformatted version of the Manual.