Purpose: To allow people with acute and long term symptoms of mental illness to recover in a non-coercive, home-like environment, with choice about medication, using the development of personal relationships as the primary intervention. Using this approach the trajectory of chronic disease, disability and costly hospitalizations can be averted for many people.

Vision: Alaskans who are diagnosed with serious mental illness will have access to a full range of environments and services that change their trajectory from one of chronic disability to health and community inclusion. Soteria-Alaska will be one piece of the behavioral health system that supports this vision.


  1. Non-coercive

  2. Recovery-oriented

  3. Individual choice

  4. Easy access to appealing behavioral health services

  5. Informed self-determination

  6. Flexibility

Mission: Soteria-Alaska provides a safe, non-coercive, home-like environment where people in Alaska who are diagnosed with serious mental illness recover from acute and long term symptoms and avert the trajectory of chronic disability and poverty. We are an evidence-based, cost-effective alternative to hospitalization that is responsive to individual needs, desires and cultural values.