From:                                         Jim Gottstein

Sent:                                           Wednesday, May 8, 2024 12:54 PM


Cc:                                               David Russell

Subject:                                     David Russell


Dear Dr. Schak,


I am with MindFreedom, International to whom David Russell reached out a little over a week ago to help him avoid being electroshocked against his will.  I have spoken with David quite a few times since then and he informed me today you had decided not to do so.  Thank you very much.  David has what I consider the legitimate concern that you or someone else might change their mind about it, though, and it would ease his mind quite a bit not to have the court order authorizing it hanging over his head. 


I am therefore asking if it might be possible for you to get the "Order Authorizing Use of ECT Therapy" revoked (vacated).  I see it was signed today.




Jim Gottstein

MindFreedom International

(301) 987-4466 (Direct)

(301) 363-9248 (Main Office)


Author of The Zyprexa Papers